Meadow Creek Vaulting Club

Located in Alberta, Canada

About us

How we started to where we are now

In 2001 the Van Der Sluijs family moved from The Netherlands to Olds, Alberta and brought along their passion for the sport of Equestrian Vaulting. For two years they ran some vaulting groups in the local area, but it was in 2003 that the Meadow Creek Vaulting Club was officially formed as a non-profit organization.

Starting as a small group of vaulters, the club has seen steady growth and development over the past 20+ years. And the sport of vaulting has grown in Alberta and Canada along the way as well. In the early days the club performed at numerous local and provincial events each year to promote and demonstrate the relatively new sport in Canada. Whereas in the most recent years there has been a tremendous amount of interest in the sport and the club is expanding each year to keep up to the demand for lesson programs. 

The club offers a variety of programs suitable to a wide range of ages and abilities. Recreational classes and competitive classes are offered nearly year round. And several Intro Clinics and Summer Camps are held annually. 

How to get started

The club offers a variety of ongoing classes for all ages and abilities. And we offer Summer Camps or Intro Clinics for anyone wanting to try out the sport for the first time!

If you are not from our area: we would love to help you get a program started in your area! We are passionate about the sport and would love to see you get involved! We offer coaching mentorships, start-up equipment rental, intro clinics etc.

Find out how you can get started