Vaulting Programs

A variety of programs are offered. Learn more about what each program is about and how to get started!

Recreational Vaulting Sessions

Our Rec Programs runs in sessions throughout the year. This program is perfect for those new to the sport: vaulters learn all the basic skills needed to vault - no previous experience required. Vaulters may chose to stay in the Rec Program as long as they'd like. The club provides trained vaulting horses.

Intro To Competitive Vaulting Program

Vaulters who are ready to progress from the Rec Program into the competitive levels (starts at walk & trot) move up to the Intro To Competitive Program. Vaulters may move up when they have achieved required skills and demonstrate the desire to have the next challenge.Additional at-home training will be required to be successful in this program.

Competitive Program

Vaulters who have worked up to the Canter levels move into the Competitive Program. Only vaulters demonstrating an ability and desire to complete additional cross-training in addition to regular vaulting training will be considered for the competitive program. Vaulters progress at their own pace in this program, and training material is tailored according to the vaulters abilities and goals laid out between the vaulter and coach.

Adult Vaulting

Adult Vaulting Classes are held when enough interest presents itself. 
If you are interested, please reach out, and we may be able to start up a group (minimum of 4 to start a group). 
Vaulting is for all ages - and we would love to see more adults taking part!

Open Squad/PDD Training

Twice per month the club hosts Open Squad/Pas De Deux Training for anyone part of the competitive classes to take part in and explore.
If enough interest is there to form a competitive squad, we will work towards it! 
Or if a Pas De Deux wants to train together, the Open Training time can be a good starting point!

Other Programs

START A CLUB: If you are not from the area, but would love to start a vaulting group or club - let us know! We would love to help you get started in your area and can provide assistance in many different ways! 
CLINICS/CAMPS: If you want to run a clinic for your group or organization to try out vaulting - we do that too! Get in touch!